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About Damray

Damray is the academic publishing division of the Open Access Journal Research Center. The institution's headquarter is in the UK and its research covers a wide range of fields, including natural science and humanities publishing, and also big data research. Its open access journal integration platform will focus on hosting and displaying open access journals, strengthening the academic communication function of scientific journals, promoting the transformation of scientific research results [...] Read more.

Our team members and consultants are talent from well-known universities like Cambridge University, University College London, Bath University, University of California, Peking University, Central South University, etc. Headquartered in London, Damray is a global business, with branches in China and the US. We are equipped with the best minds in science and technology, aiming to establish leading-edge platforms and promote the most advanced knowledge sharing platforms worldwide.

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  • Open Access, Article

    Research on Logistics Efficiency Evaluation of Dalian Port Based on Three-stage DEA

    Yu Wang


    Northeast China is an important industrial and agricultural base in China. In the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, General Secretary Xi pointed out that it is necessary to promote the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China. Dalian Port, as the largest port in Northeast China, undertakes the important task of regional revitalization. Based on this background, relevant data are selected, and the logistics efficiency of Dalian Port from 2011 to 2020 is analyzed by using three-stage DEA met..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):50-56;

    Published on 19 April 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Risk Analysis of Bank Supply Chain Finance Based on Customer Management

    Yuqing Xia


    With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for supply chain finance by banks is also growing. However, there are some risks and problems when banks conduct supply chain finance business. This article analyzes the financial risks of bank supply chain based on customer management, and puts forward some feasible risk control suggestions. Firstly, this article introduces the basic concepts, development status, and related risks of bank supply chain finance. By analyzing the current..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):44-49;

    Published on 19 April 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Research and Practice on the Teaching Model of Taking Inter-university Credit—Taking Marketing Course of Marketing Major in Liaoning University of International Business as an Example

    Wenxiao Hu


    Chairman Xi made an important speech during his visit to Tsinghua University, "The world-class university we want to build is a first-class university of socialism with Chinese characteristics". Promoting the high quality development of the university needs to rely on the joint efforts of all teachers and students, and the taking inter-university credit teaching model is a catalyst to promote the construction of the university curriculum system. By developing this teaching model, teachers' te..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):39-43;

    Published on 19 April 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Changes and Innovations in the Internet Finance Industry in the Context of Fintech Development

    Canran Yin


    The report of the 20th Party Congress clearly puts forward "insisting on putting the focus of economic development on the real economy", and Chairman Xi emphasizes that "when we build modernization, we must grasp the manufacturing industry and engage in the real economy". In this regard, it is important to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the innovative development of the financial industry, promote the sound operation of the Internet financial market, adhere to t..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):34-38;

    Published on 19 April 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures in the Petroleum Material Supply Chain under the “Oil Company” Model

    Hao Peng, Jie Zhang, Tao Lu, Yi Luo, Huan Tan, Tingting Guo


    In order to adapt to the needs of energy transformation and competition, the "oil company" model has generally been introduced and vigorously implemented in Chinese petroleum enterprises, which has put forward higher requirements for the efficiency and quality of the petroleum material supply chain. Combining with the characteristics of the petroleum material supply chain, this paper analyzes the current situation of the supply chain of petroleum material enterprises, mainly analyzes the prob..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):28-33;

    Published on 19 April 2023

  • Open Access, Article

    The Impact of Digital Platform Capability on Innovation Performance of Platform Enterprises

    Zhiwei Tang


    Based on the background of the current digital economy era, this paper takes the manufacturing-related enterprises in Fujian Province (Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou) of China as the research object, discusses the influence mechanism of digital platform capability on the innovation performance of platform enterprises, and analyzes the function mechanism of enterprise internal entrepreneurship, user value co-creation and digital market exploration between digital platform capability and platform ent..[...] Read more.

    OA Journal of Economy and Management 2023;2(1):24-27;

    Published on 19 April 2023

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